Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life is Good!

Good Afternoon! How is everyone today! I woke up this morning very grateful! I'm very Grateful for all of us sharing pulling together for one another. I spoke to an Amazing Gentleman from South Carolina. His biggest problem is, he has a fear of being misunderstood by his wife. So many fights have occurred in his marriage because of this issue, that he decided to stay quite and feels he doesn't know who he is anymore. He wants his voice back and he wants to be able to say what he is feeling bad or good. What is happening here is that his wife is taking the conversation and adding her own fear of response that ends up misunderstood and in a fight. He becomes fearful and the lack of communication sets in. He allowed his partner to be the bully because of her insecurities. Because this pattern has continued for so long, in order for this to completely stop you must take control change direction and set a immediate boundary that will show the other person that you will not tolerate being treated with disrespect. This has nothing to do with loving your partner less or more, this has to do with completely having respect for yourself. Please leave your comments or email me at: amiliapowers@gmail.com or amiliapowers.blogspot.com, www.valueurself.com Have a Blessed Day! Amilia Powers

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