Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Is A Powerful Week!!

Good Evening! I want to thank all of you who are writing powerful messages and sharing their difficult experiences with all of us so we can learn how valuable life is. There are times in all of our lives when it seems impossible to press forward. We are stronger and more courageous then we give ourselves credit for. Strength doesn't mean you tackle this on your own. Strength is getting help before the situation gets worse. We all have to learn from what we are reading here at Valueurself. These wonderful people spoke out to help you understand that this isn't the way life is suppose to be. Make the Choice reach out to us here or email me your contact information there is always someone here. Your never by yourself. I'm doing my best to get to all the questions in my email. There was a young lady from Connecticut left me an email she cried so hard reading your stories that it triggered action from her and she took her son and left her abusive boyfriend and went to her parents house. She wants a better life, she is grateful and thankful for all of you. This is an amazing group of support. We are blessed. Thank you for all you do here at Valueurself. God Bless or Amilia Powers

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