Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Love Anchors Our Life--healing heart

Love Anchors Our Life

What The Word Love Means To Us?

When we think about love, we seem to think about it in one context. That it is for couples that are in love and are romantically involved, the story "Romeo and Juliet" comes to mind. We begin to sit and daydream what it would be like to have that special person in our lives to love us and care for us and be a part of our being to depths we wouldn't be able to explain. 

This is beautiful, isn't it? But what we forget is what the word love is all about. Being in love and having an amazing relationship is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to love. How about our family and friends. What about sharing kindness and caring for people. Touching people's lives and making an impact that won't be forgotten. This is all connected to love wouldn't you say?

Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you would be remembered for? Every one of us will leave a legacy. It could be a variety of ways. The trail of our life and our encounters will never be forgotten. The way we treat people will have an impact on how we are thought of, and the way we change peoples lives for the better fulfills our soul. The way we give guidance and assistance to others during troubled times inspires us to continue our journey of love.

 How is your legacy going?

I understand that during a time of struggle, it is very hard to lift our head up and show compassion to people. This is when it is a must. No matter what you are going through, no matter what your circumstances are. You must always reach in your heart, and understand you are more fortunate than most and be as generous with your time as possible. 

Do everything with Love.

I'm truthfully telling you this, and will not ask you to do something for someone else that hasn't been done for me. There were day's I was unpleasant to people, and rude, and wished I could go back and change how I acted and responded. I didn't like how that felt or what I've done.

Smile when you are amongst strangers. It might sound funny, but continue to share your kindness with this simple task. You're not asking for anything for being pleasant. You will inherit the feeling of love everywhere you go. 

When you give Love you will receive love. It is like making a deposit in the bank, you will look at your slip to see the return. Be gracious, and gentle with your words. You will receive what you give to others. In other words, when you are kind, you will have kindness in return. 

Eventually, you will meet the people, or that special person in your life that you will enjoy the love, and joy that you have been looking for all your life. Before you realize it, you will be surrounded by happiness.

I believe that if you live your life to help people and to love people, you'll find the happiness that you never knew existed.

Follow your path of Love, and it will catch up to you. 

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