Monday, October 8, 2018

Stress Let's Break-Up--Toxic Relationship

I would like to ask a question?
Do you have a lot of stress in your relationship?

Dear Stress, It's Time,

Nothing can prepare you for living with someone whose behavior is unpredictable and devastating, draining, hurtful, and ultimately the most unkind experience imaginable. This feels as if they have more control over your thoughts then you.
This brings on so many different emotions. Anxiety, depression, lack of interest in your happiness. You begin to just exist. Silence becomes a way of life, and you know it won't be long before this triggers an argument or fight. 
Not standing up for your self and suppressing your feelings is a very unhealthy way to go about things, especially when those feelings are silenced and full of discontent. Conflict is inevitable.

Just the sound of their voice causes you stress. You don't know what is going to come out of their mouth next. You decide that you will stay out of their way. You start to become anxious about the thought of them coming home or even spending time with them. At this point, you begin to feel overwhelmed. Your emotions are pushing you right through the door but at the same time your afraid to take that first step.

In your heart you know you have to end this relationship, your health is at risk because of the stress your mind and body is under. You're tired of being criticized, laughed at and ridiculed day after day. There hasn't been any happiness for as long as you can remember. 

Your a woman who deserves love and kindness, compliments and joy. A man that will treasure you. Stand beside you with your dreams and passions. 
You must break-up with your stress first. You're probably wondering what do I mean? Just what I said. If you don't take control of your feelings and your situation it will become worse. Tension will rise, and you put yourself and your family at risk for whatever happens next.

Disconnecting from stress and stop focusing on what he's doing, and more on what you need to do will help you get a firm grip on your situation. You will gain more confidence, and you will become stronger and healthier and better equipped to handle what is ahead of you. 

Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart, and never give up wanting to live the life you were created to live.
Always remember safety first. Let your family and friends, people that are close to you know what is going on, that way they can support you through these times. It's going to be difficult at first, but you can do this. You know in your heart, this isn't the way love is supposed to be. 

Please Please, don't forget you hold the power over your own life. No one has the right to harm, or mistreat you. Continue being an amazing woman, and share your kindness and love, but extend it to the ones who love you and respect you and enjoy everything about you.

Leave me a message, with your contact information and the best time to reach you, and I will guide you through the process.

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