Monday, October 1, 2018

Breaking Through a Life of Pain--Healing

When was your break through?

Hello Everyone! I hope your day is going well.

When was your breakthrough?

Think about this for a minute.

Let me explain. 
I made a decision to walk away from things, people who didn't serve a purpose in my life. These people were the ones who put down everything that I was trying to do. They tried every which way they could to find fault with what I was trying to accomplish. I knew in my heart letting go was a must.

I started to become closely connected with the ones who loved me and supported my dreams and goals.

I thought that I wouldn't be able to break free from the ordinary and all the negative defeating small talk that I allowed being my source of power. 

I thought it would be hard, it was the most liberating feeling I had ever felt. Staying in that familiar place, what I saw with my eyes limited me. By breaking free and opening up my heart along with faith, I learned that I can see further than I ever imagined. Leaving people and things behind that held me back wasn't an option, it was something I needed to do. I knew doing the same thing day after day, was only giving me the same result. I began to explore new opportunities.

The world was bigger than the capsule I allowed myself to live in. 

When I began my journey of learning and traveling, I have grown from my own experiences.
Great risk produces amazing rewards. 

Believe in your gift enough for change. It's not easy by any means. You have to tone things down a bit. Simplify your life to move forward to live the life you really want. I did whatever it took to make it possible for me. I just didn't wake up and say I needed to change my situation. I went ahead and did everything I could. I asked questions, met people with the same purpose. I learned every chance I could. I would wake up early morning hours searching for better ways to take myself to the next level. I followed great mentors and learned from their expertise.

I stuck with it and stayed consistent. I did this every day without a glitch. As doors began to open for me I stayed humble and didn't tell anyone what I was doing. I let the people that I helped, and touched their lives, do that for me.

Stick with your plan and do whatever it takes. I believe that Living to help others is the largest gift you can give yourself. The challenges in our lives is our expertise. 

1. We embraced it
2. We understand it
3. People are ready to learn from it

If you are stuck, join the thousands of people who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations created specifically for your own circumstances. 

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Let's get going.
Your dreams are important, your gift is important. 
Leave me a message.

I look forward to working with you. 
Be blessed

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The biggest myth is people believing to not shut off the noise long enough to meditate. Let me tell you a little secret. When the meditation is personalized you tune right into your life and solution.

There isn't any sound that will affect this. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have.

Be blessed,
I look forward to speaking with you.
Leave me a message and the best time to reach you.
I will guide you through the process


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