Saturday, May 7, 2016

Coffee Shop Talk

Good Afternoon Everyone!! I'm very happy you are with me today., I met up with five Ladies from the New York Area that are part of our ValueUrSelf Community. Tomorrow we know that it is Mother's Day! So the topic was Family. Now these Five Ladies have a lot in common. They do not know how to handle the ungratefulness of their grown kids. We are talking about 25 to 30 year old adult kids. Now as we reach tomorrow These Beautiful Nice Ladies feel they have to be fake and pretend that nothing is wrong, and they don't want to. Now two Ladies have grandchildren, and this becomes tricky emotionally. I believe in my heart that this is not the day to address this situation. This is also a day that can soften your heart and reflect on your memory of all the good that you have created. It doesn't mean that you don't speak your mind at a later time. With other family and friends, grandchildren it would be unfair to all if you were to spoil their good intentions for you because of one person or even two. Let your LOVE glow out loud, and there will be a time and place to get things off your chest. Tomorrow is not only about us Mother's, but about our Mother's Grandmothers and All the love ones we know that share this special day. So Please save your thoughts tomorrow, you may even change your mind on a future talk. I would Like to thank the Ladies for coming out and venting. I know they left with a different perspective. Please write your comments or email me at: GoD Bless Amilia Powers

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