Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feelings Of Dismay!!

Good Evening Everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. For some of us it was a extra long weekend. Greatful for that!! I would like to share something with you. I received an email from a young Lady that was completely heart renching! She told me that her body is so knumb that she can't feel her heart❤️ Beating. She is having a hard Time even thinking. I asked how long have you been feeling like this?? Is there a reason why you handed over your entire being to one person? Do you have people that you love and that loves you?? Her answer was I have been feeling like this for months. Yes I have people I Love and Love me too. I thought he was my everything. My whole world revolved around him. She understood after speaking with me that this is not how a relationship should feel. She is actually learning what not to except or tolerate. I continued to tell her that acknowledging that she has people in her life she Loves and Loves her back means in fact her heart is beating even when your hurt. The feeling that she is expressing is the uncomfortable part of how someone is treating you. A partner should be a part of your world Enjoying and learning. Never give your whole entire world to one person and allow anyone to have control of your emotions. This is exactly what happened here. You need to gather your strength and redirect your Love to those individuals who Love you! Knowing what you want in your life gives you a clear understanding that change needs to take place. This is not your last stop. Your Journey is far from over. You can re-write this script. Keep your notebook and pen handy. Please write your comments below or email me at amiliapowers@gmail.com. Or visit my website at: www.amiliapowers.com Have a blessed Night Amilia Powers

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