Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good Morning!!

Hello Everyone!! It has been a good week so far. I would like to thank you joining me. My email box was full of questions. I selected a few people Men and Women the similar thoughts. We are going to get together on Friday. This Session is Called a Meet Up Group. I'm very Excited. What we will be discussing is How we feel when people lie and cause destruction in our lives. This obviously destroys many relationships with family friends and co-workers. It's unfortunate that People find a way to put a wedge between the happiness of others. The biggest problem here that we will talk about, I feel. We have to become more secure with ourselves and the people we Love around us and not take to heart everything everyone else says in a way that can damage our relationship with our love ones. I know this is an On-going problem in many Lives. We have to embrace what is happening and understand who we are dealing with. They will not win this battle if we do not allow them to. By this I mean: If you lash out and add to the un-truth we will cause more problems then it is worth. Please leave your comment here. or email me. This is a crisis. Have a blessed Day! Amilia Powers

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