Thursday, May 26, 2016

Someone Blurred This Out!!

Hello Everyone! I'm hoping all of you are having a wonderful Week so far. I wanted to thank all of you for staying in touch. During the Private event someone blurred this out "People know they are hurting their partner and causing them distress, why don't they see their bad ways and stop!!" My answer to this is very simple. When we allow individuals to hurt us and cause us inner pain they will continue to do so until we demand that they do not treat us this way. We can not and will not put up with any form of disrespect. We have certain requirements we need to follow for ourselves. These are rules we created and standards we should live by and not allow anyone to cross those lines. We are ready to empty the clutter of those people that are bringing us down, holding us back from living a life of HAPPINESS JOY, and LOVE. This is our turn to shine. We will not let anyone erase our smile, and stifle our laughter and control our LIFE. Please leave your comments below. You can email me: or visit me on my website at: Have a Blessed Day Amilia Powers

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