Thursday, September 6, 2018

Making Peace with your Broken Pieces-Healing


Finding peace is the hardest thing to do during pain and struggle. Feeling broken and overwhelmed about your circumstances makes it difficult to find a solution. We must have our balance and focus before we take the necessary steps to pick up our life. 

Being stuck in the process of healing can become draining. I know this story very well. I know that life can feel shattered as if there are millions of pieces of your life, left for you to pick up and it feels like there isn't enough glue in the world that will help you.

I had peace with my situation. Some people ask me how did I find peace with all the terrible things that happened to me and the position he put me in. I found peace through prayer. I turned to the Lord for guidance and strength. I learned as a young girl, to always keep the faith and never give up. I learned that God has a better plan and always have peace with whatever is happening in my life. It is only one situation, of the rest of my life. That God is paving the way for my future, and not to worry. I would pray and give praise to him when I got up in the morning, and thank him for whatever the day will bring. I never gave up hope.

I felt a sense of calmness when I was going through this torment. I had an inner strength that only  God could provide. I held my head up high and carried my courage in my chest. I felt as if I had an army of soldiers behind me. I wasn't afraid of my abuser, or what I was up against. 

As time went on, I realized women are going through this pain, and don't know what to do. I started to write my prayers down in a notebook. I began to share this power with women in meetings I held a 1 on 1 workout sessions that I provide. I watched their lives change in a matter of days. I turned my prayers into meditations, and then I Personalized them to what they were feeling and what they needed to resolve and helped them find a way to live a better more fulfilled life.

Now I'm helping women from all walks of life across the country change their lives with my Personalized Meditations. Break Free from the thought of being broken to their own inner power, and strength that they never thought they had. 

I'm very thankful and grateful every day for the good times and for the bad times, they have brought me to where I'm today. I'm thankful for every piece of my life. Being able to share this with you, and changing lives, is a blessing.

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