Monday, September 24, 2018

Is the Fear to Love Again One of Yours?


I have received many emails on this subject. Opening yourself up to love after abuse, or a hurtful relationship is a very difficult thing to do.

The fear of uncertainty will always linger in the back of your mind. Questions begin to flare up in your heart. 

1. I'm not sure if he is the right person or is he?

2. Maybe it's the right time? or is it? 

3. What do I do so this doesn't happen to me again?

4. How do I approach this relationship? Ect.......

You begin to second guess every move you make, everything you wear, everything you say. It's ok, you have every right to feel this way, and no one can tell you anything different. What you have gone through was a very traumatic experience. Most people won't understand this pain. Your heart has a hold of your thoughts. Love is so sacred to you, you wouldn't want to deal with any more hurtful moments.

Let me explain a little bit about what is happening here:

First, we are always healing. The myth that you have to give yourself a certain time frame and you are completely healed is false. There isn't a time frame on how we feel, and secondly, we can not stop our emotions. Thirdly, our memory clicks that replay button when we least expect it.

What you are experiencing is the healing process. All these questions are natural, and all apart of working with your heart, your courage, your strength and your willingness to forgive. All of these elements that make you who you are, must work together to enable you to take the next step.

What I suggest is not to put every man, in the same body that pained you. Not everyone is the same. I would like to give you an example: I have a son. He is grown, 30 years old. If I believed that every man was the same, then I would see him as the person who hurt me. He is someone I raised and brought up to be a loving, and a kind respectful person.

Our situation has cast a shadow over our love, and joy. It made us feel, we are not worthy of it, by stopping it from happening before it even begins. What do you think is happening? Unfortunately, we are handing over the controls of our love to the person who caused us pain.

We deserve love and happiness. No one can take that from us. We have to start right now and take back the controls.

A) I love to laugh and smile. How about you?

B) I love to dress up and put on lipstick. How about you?

C) I love to dance and listen to music. How about you?

D) I love going out with the girls. How about you? Ect.....

This is our time, to shine. We can give ourselves permission to live the life we are created to live. Let's start being excited about love, and happiness. Let's bring it into our lives. The more happiness you give, the more you will receive, the same with joy, and love.

You can love again. You have to say this out loud and really mean it. It is the most precious gift that we were given at birth. Don't hide it from your life. Show it, embrace it, enjoy the richness that it brings.

Yes, our memory is still there, we can use it as a reference, that way we don't forget how we want to be treated. Yes, everything you are thinking right now, file it under memory. Use it as a guide towards a better life.

You are stronger, better equipped to handle your life. Please continue to add forgiveness when needed. This will help lift your spirits and take away any burden of thought.

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Be blessed,

I look forward to speaking with you.

We will continue our conversation on Wednesday.

Amilia Powers

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