Sunday, July 8, 2018

When You Put Your Foot Down

The Final Decision That Gave You Peace

It was that day, that one incredible day when your inner power stood up and said, "I'm not going." You made that conscious decision that you will not cut bread with those who have hurt you in any way. It was that day, when you were invited to a party and you were made aware of the people who are attending were the same people who tried to discredit you, and laughed behind your back and made fun of you to your face. 

This would be beyond your comprehension to sit at the same table passing the salt and pretend that everything is fine or being just plain phony. Putting yourself in an uncompromising position isn't something you will ever do again. 

When you have laid to rest your past experience with those who have shared with you nothing but their unkindness there is no reason what so ever to dig up old wounds and pain. You have forgiven those who have taken advantage of you, and who have tried to tear you apart from your family. You made a decision to wish them well, and go on with your life without looking back.

What you actually did was made a choice that you don't have to live by what other people feel. You have a right to your own decisions and your life. This was the decision that gave you peace.

People will do what people do best, cackle about others, to others. I'm sure you have witnessed this before. When you disconnect from their presence and disengage from their conversation they can only assume what they know about your life. At that point, it doesn't really matter, because you have nothing to do with them and they have no place in your future or your everyday.

You have finally taken control of your life. You made a stand and put your foot down. You realized that NO is a complete sentence. A word that was very hard for you to use in a sentence. A word that feels powerful when used to save you mounds of grief, and sounds amazing when you say it.

Remember, that your journey is far from over. People cannot dictate your future. Your path is yours and not theirs. You made an amazing choice to laugh, and love and share your experiences with new and exciting people. The ones who share your passion and joys for life. 

Anytime you have any question in your mind if you made the right decision. Use your memory, it will never let you down. It is the best reference guide you personally created. It is always with you. You don't even have to ask for anyone's opinion. You have all the answers.

You are stronger, better equipped to handle your life. Please continue to add forgiveness when needed. This will help lift your spirits and take away any burden of thought.

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Be blessed,

I look forward to speaking with you.

We will continue our conversation on Wednesday.

Amilia Powers

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