Sunday, August 11, 2019

Riding a Wave with a Narcissist--Painful Place

The Roller Coaster Ride of Recovery

When the Shit hits the fan, you are left in the dark. You lose your bearings and thrown off balance, your emotions are flip-flopping all over the place. You are wondering why me? What happened? What's next?

You love them and hate them, you begin to search the web because you're running on high anxiety. The biggest question you ask yourself is, are they in as much pain as you? In the back of your mind, you already have the answer, but you still move forward looking for something, anything to satisfy your hunger.

No matter what they put you through, you can't seem to turn off the switch connecting them to your heart. You find yourself struggling with the loss. The emotional pain that keeps a stronghold on you and all levels of his manipulation, you can't seem to come up for air. Your world seems to be wiped out from under you as if someone quickly pulled the rug but you manage to stay together.

You finally gather enough strength to tell yourself, "You can do it," then the unthinkable happens. He ends up on your doorstep ringing the door like a mad man and pounding on the door with his fist expressing his apologies loudly as if he is desperate. He's not back because he loves you, he's back because he hasn't destroyed you and he's pissed.  His mission is to leave you with pain and alone. He doesn't like watching you move on with your life, happiness is out of the question.

You know if you answer the door it will be the worst move you could ever done. There is a demon on the other side that is ready to deliver grief, sorrow, and pain. You might have been questioning yourself, should I or shouldn't I? Now is the time to put your foot down and make a change. You did just that when you didn't open the door, you didn't fall for the whining evil voice.

You changed, you became stronger, more aware of what is happening in your life. Knowing that loneliness in a painful relationship is the worst place to be. You began to separate yourself from friends and family who are apart of the narcissist or remained connected to the narcissist. The last thing you want to do is live in your past. Cutting ties is what needs to be done. This is a great start for a new life.

I'm the woman you are reading about, who has been through this. A woman who found her way through the darkest of times. A woman who praised God, and never stopped believing that I was meant to live a better life other than pain. I'm a woman just like you. I never gave up on me.
Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who has her voice, who stands up for what she believes in, and smiles about having control of her life. 
That is you. 
Visit me at and leave me a message, and the best time to reach you. You're not in this alone. I'm here with you.

I have created a special addition to my meditation practices. It is back from popular demand. It is "Personalized Meditations."

These Meditations will lead you out of the darkness, keep you calm, and be more focused. You will leave fear behind, become stronger, and never feel alone, help heal your broken heart and ease your pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.

Our meditations have changed the way people view healing and solving problems. We are excited to share this with you:

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The biggest myth is people believing that they cannot shut off the noise long enough to meditate. Let me tell you a little secret. When the Meditation is personalized, you tune right into your life and solutions. There isn't any sound that will affect this. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have.

Be Blessed

I look forward to speaking with you.
Leave me a message, and the best time to reach you.

Amilia Powers

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