Friday, August 2, 2019

Fulfilling Life after Narcissistic Abuse

I'm thankful to you.

In this picture is my daughter Niki, who is a big part of this organization, she helps young woman find strength through their struggles and pain, and learn to add forgiveness to their lives.

We are at the Long Island Sound having our daily meditations. I would like to share answers to questions today that I have received by email. I understand that change is never easy. The word change is difficult under certain circumstances. It is definitely not a motivator in a place of  destruction.

I know this very well. I know we will hold on to our situation as if it is our lifeline. Hoping and wishing for something, anything to change. This way we are off the hook in trying to do it ourselves. I learned a long time ago, that wishes are empty promises. Don't hold yourself to them.

The truth of the matter is, our life will become worse unless we make the necessary changes to live a loving and more fulfilled life. We get so caught up in the details of what is happening to us. We forget we are not the only ones affected by the abuse. Our children who watch us get hurt, our parents listening to our pain, friends who want to protect us from harm, ect.....

Does this sound familiar? The more we stay connected to the ones that give us support, the more we will be encouraged, and the more likely we will make changes. Don't hide from the ones who are there for you. Open your heart to them. Let them know everything that is going on in your home. Please don't pretend that everything is alright, and shock everyone with the discovery. No one who causes you pain, abuses you, disrespects you and hurts your family is worth covering up for.

When love enters your life, it protects you. It cares about your feelings and respects you and your loved ones. Love doesn't abuse you, curse at you and neglect you.

A woman asked me this question today. "I will never have love again if I leave". What do you think of this question? My answer was, do you really believe love will be lost if you don't stay in this hurtful relationship? Her answer surprised me. She said Yes!

I'm going to share a few questions that I asked her to think about.

1. Do you love your children?
2. Do you love your Dog?
3. Do you love your family?
4. Do you love yourself?
5. How do you rate your value?
6. Is this the life you dreamed of?

How do you think she answered these questions? She told me love was nowhere to be found. That's odd when she answered Yes to the first 4 questions, and began to evaluate her heart on questions 5 and 6. I wouldn't let her make any excuses. I wanted her to focus on her life. She isn't the only one involved here.

It's time for a change ladies. There is no room in our lives for torment and abuse. Stop the chain reaction. Don't let this life trickle down to our daughters and sons. This is not the way love is. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our family, to make sure they are protected and loved and cared about. Checkin on those important details. If it's not right, it will never be good. Time to Check Out.

I'm sharing this with you because this isn't the only email I get like this. It is hard to walk away from someone that we believed in and trusted, but there isn't any other options when we are mistreated and our children have to see it. This is definitely not the life we would want for them. Think about that.

I'm very thankful and grateful every day for the good times and for the bad times. It has brought me to where I'm today. Helping woman from all across the country heal and change their lives is a blessing. Being able to be here with you, to help you understand the importance of your value.

I created a website that is very easy to navigate and you will find helpful information to begin living a life you are created to live. You can set up a free consultation with me. I created a series of meditations that were created from my own prayers, which walks you out of the dark where you become more focused. You can pick one that pertains to your life right now, you can start immediately on making these changes.

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Be blessed, I look forward to hearing from you. 
Amilia Powers


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