Sunday, March 25, 2018


I have received many emails, on a very important subject, forgiveness. The emails are from people that have been hurt very badly. They feel they can never forgive people for the pain they have caused them.
I understand this very well. I was there myself. What was very important, that opened my eyes, I needed to let go of my fear, and I had to forgive. I was so afraid of forgiving this person who caused me pain. I felt I was putting my guard down, and I was weak. I needed the anger to keep me powerful. What I actually was doing, was keeping myself from happiness. I allowed this person to infest my heart.
It was that one morning when the dust settled. I made an agreement with myself I would release the ties that had roped my thoughts.
I would get on my knees and pray as hard as I can, for the Lord to give me the strength to forgive. Day by day I was stronger, healthier and my heart began to open. My thoughts were much clearer. My smile was back. I was collecting my life. I started to feel empowered. No one has the power but you to make you happy.
I live by this rule, everyday of my life now. I can't express how important it is for you to regain your power. Love yourself more then anyone. Being strong has nothing to do with having muscles. It's knowing your position and you will except nothing less, but what you deserve.
Please smile, embrace the love that is around you.
"be the change you want to see in the world"
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Have a blessed night
Amilia Powers

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