Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Don't stop being yourself:

I stopped being me, let me explain...

I was in a relationship, that I got lost in. I began to wear what they wanted me to. I spoke when spoken to. I went out when they said I could. Crazy right, I love who I'am, but I couldn't show it.

Doing this kept me back from my smile, my laugh, the people around me I loved and cherished.
Worrying if it would lead to an argument or a fight, if I would say how I felt.

Understanding this way of living within these boundaries kept me from having a fulfilled life.

If this sounds like you. You can make that change, and never look back.
What you are seeing now, is who I'am. I love to smile, laugh, and enjoy my family and friends.

I never knew how important my joy was, until I got it back. You can do it to.

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Be blessed

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