Wednesday, October 18, 2017


If you’ve recently gone through a hurtful or disappointing situation, there is time to grieve a loss. It’s important to go through that process and release the hurt. Instead of a spirit of heaviness or despair. Exchange your hurt for healing.
Maybe it’s time to exchange that heaviness for praise. Maybe it’s time to release those heavy burdens. Maybe it’s time to start the forgiveness process to those who have hurt you.
Know matter what place you are in the process. It will take time and allow yourself that. You deserve the time to pick up the pieces, and embrace the challenges ahead. You will get through it. You will rise, and you will be better.
I'am here to talk anytime. I was this article. Yes you will overcome.
You can contact me at: You can also share your story at the bottom of the page anonymously.
I wish you well

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