Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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Today I would like to talk about speaking up.

Avoiding direct confrontation takes up a lot of energy. Especially when you are dealing with someone who is difficult to talk to. You find yourself always trying to steer away from an important conversation. It becomes even worse when you turn to texts and emails. They are found to be more misunderstood, then speaking face to face, and causes more of a problem.

The question is what do you do??

First you have to understand the type of person you have in your life. Second, ask yourself if this is the kind of love you really want to have?

Losing your voice, is not something you should live without. This is who you are, your loves, and needs, wants, your dislikes and feelings should be heard.

You are an amazing person, with much to share with love ones, friends, and your everyday life. Having this type of relationship will close your heart from the outside world.
If this is you. Take control of this and reach out for support.

I don't want you to lose your voice. Your thoughts and feelings are important.
You can always reach out to me. Remember I was this person.

Leave me a message, at www.valueurself.com, you can also share your story, at the bottom of the page. We are all hear together, to help one another.


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