Monday, August 21, 2017

Speak Up

Not only is Freedom of Speech our first amendment, but freedom to speak is something that we all have. Exercise this freedom with love and compassion, or with a firm hand when you need to! And do not be afraid.

The opposite of fear is bravery. Choose to be brave. We need to be willing to say what is on our minds and open ourselves up to meaningful discussions that don’t compromise our boundaries. No one knows your message or thoughts better than you. If this is tough for you right now, try this:

 Think out your message
 Choose good timing—calling someone on the phone in the middle of rush hour might not be it (just like it would likely throw you off)
 Stick to one topic and don’t make it a free-for-all
 Remember that your relationship is two people, not one
 Open discussions bring solutions
 Don’t think of your answer without really listening—set a good example for how to have an open discussion

The number one relationship killer is silence.

Have you heard of this: the cat got your tongue? Don’t let that happen, it’s unacceptable and a sure way to put your relationship into decline. There are going to always be rocky times, but your strength and voice are what can help you get through those, whether the conclusion is that you’ve had enough, or your back on track.

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