Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Opening Your Heart to Everyone--Toxic Relationship


A good-hearted person has a special kind of greatness. They give their hearts to everything they do. Being humble comes first, even before a smile. These people are always willing to give the last dollar they have and will make sure you eat before them. The kindness they give you when you are at your worst, and you can always count on them to lean on and give you a hug and help pick up your broken pieces and give you strength. 
They have a way of showing your life from a different perspective. It seems magical. Always with good intentions and selflessness. Patience when they listen to you because their heart is open to what you need. 
Unfortunately, being a "Good Hearted Person" allows certain people to take advantage of your kindness and goodwill. Because we see the good in everything and everyone we make excuses for their behavior. "They are in a bad situation" "I don't think they realized what they said or did", and when we are in our relationship we seem to carry this with us that same kind of thinking. This is when things get ugly. The relationship turns for the worst. We didn't even realize we have a narcissist in our life. 
We opened our hearts, and they poured out their pain and we bought it hook line and sinker. There isn't anything wrong with you. There isn't anything bad you've done. You just gave your kindness to the wrong person. Believe me, they saw us coming. 
Good loving women with an open heart ready to listen and help any way we can. This is part of who we are, we have been doing this all of our lives. The sad part is, our compassion was spun on their web. We went from being a loving caring person to what have I done to deserve this? Now, what do I do?
Even when we are aware this isn't what love is supposed to be like. We continue to do everything we can to try to make this right. An open-hearted person like ourselves is not demanding, doesn't put her foot down, and continues about her day hoping and praying that the next day in this toxic circle is going to be a better one. 
You guessed it. The next day didn't change a thing. The relationship became worse. Disrespected, unkindness, rude. We were isolated from our families and friends that we love so much. We would do anything to keep him happy without knowing that we are being pulled away from everyone and everything we had in our lives. It's emotionally draining and physically exhausting. We have to give it all we have to keep up with our feelings that are being tossed and twisted all over the place. 
When appeasing him is starting to get old. We realize that we are the only ones we have. Time went by so fast we didn't realize we haven't spoken to anyone in months. How would we explain any of this? How would we even start a conversation when we feel so embarrassed? I'm the only one who can get me out of this mess. Under these circumstances, we know this has to end. We are not afraid of him, because we have seen him at his worst. Our love for life will not let us live in darkness. We refuse to fight with our hearts for the rest of our life. 
Our heart lives differently. It loves to laugh and smile and has compassion. Our heart is full of faith, joy, and respect, it has empathy towards people. It's a giving heart, that now has learned not to overextend to those who don't appreciate anything we do. We will not change, and still, be good-hearted women, but have become more aware of people and their intentions. Our heart is clearer and is working more efficiently than before. 
When this relationship ended and I was put through the wringer and my life and heart were challenged. I had no regrets. All I know is that I tried to share my heart and I did what I always have done In my life and gave kindness. We must remember that love enriches our lives and the people we touch. Even if some people don't appreciate our love and kindness. We must not stop.  
It is hard to walk away from someone that we believed in and trusted, but there aren't any other options when we are mistreated and especially if our children have to see it. This is definitely not the life we would want for them. Think about that.
I'm very thankful and grateful every day for the good times and for the bad times. It has brought me to where I'm today. Helping women from all across the country heal and change their lives is a blessing. Being able to be here with you, to help you understand the importance of your value.
I created a website that is very easy to navigate and you will find helpful information to begin living a life you are created to live. You can set up a free consultation with me. I created a series of meditations that were created from my own prayers, which walks you out of the dark and become more focused. You can pick one that pertains to your life right now, and you can start immediately on making these changes. 
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