Friday, January 18, 2019

Surviving The Silent Treatment Of A Narcissist


Silence to a narcissist is a powerful weapon. It is used in the form of punishment; such as emotional abuse, manipulation and can cause fear and anxiety to their victims. The torture may last days or even weeks.

By this time if we haven't figured out their game, they have figured out our weakness. They have pressed us for as much information as needed so they can turn it against us. The narcissist has us actually where they want us. We begin to doubt ourselves. We start to wonder what have we done to cause the person that we love to treat us this way? Our minds wonder what could we do better so it can go back the way it was. The questions to ourselves become endless.

These are tricks they play with our minds to have full control over us. We begin to give them all of our attention. We hand them our entire life without even realizing what we are doing. The most difficult part we have created is that we are dealing with this alone. We have given all of our energy and our love to one person that we have isolated ourselves from our life. No friends, no family no one. We are now officially dancing with the devil.

It's crazy right, to love someone who causes you pain? You know what's even more unthinkable? Thinking that someone who torments you loves you.

I was in this relationship. The silence was deafening at times, but my other senses tuned right in. I realized how much peace I had in my heart and how clear my thoughts were, not listening to the cursing and yelling and the belittling hour after hour, day and night. I began to see what life was like without the sound of his voice. I started to understand where I stood in the relationship and what kind of love I really wanted. Having that time of peace worked for me and not against me. It taught me so much about myself. I was so engulfed in the threats, that I forgot about the life I had.

The silence he created revealed to me a life I was created live. I didn't play into his foolish games any longer. I didn't allow him to disrupt my peace, I freed myself of the victim way of thinking, and pushed my strength to all new heights. He obviously didn't want a warrior in his life, he needed someone to beg for mercy, to be at his beck and call. He wanted me to give him all of my time and to be afraid to speak. The shift actually scared him. The narcissist new what he was dealing with and didn't like me standing up for myself, and taking back control of my life.

I created the worst nightmare for a narcissist. He lost control, and didn't know what to do with himself, but instead become a demon and tried to cause destruction before his exit. Nothing worked on me. I was free and that's all that mattered.  My stress, pain, and hurt all went with him. I never turned back and I never cared where he went or what he does. Never looked him up again. I was free and that's all I needed. No contact forever.

It took some time. I worked on me and became stronger, healthier and more excited about life than I ever was. I drew in people that are doing amazing things in the world. There is nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and smiling and has her voice. You will find yourself surrounded by joy and love. I'm thankful and grateful every day, for the good times and for the bad times they have brought me to where I'm today.

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I have created a series of four (4) Meditations, that can help you through this situation, these were my prayers turned into meditations.

These meditations will lead you out of the darkness, keep you calm, and more focused. You will leave fear behind, become stronger, and never feel alone, help heal your broken heart and ease your pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.

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I have created a special addition to my meditation practices. It is back from popular demand. It is "Personalized Meditations." 

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The biggest myth is people believing that they cannot shut off the noise long enough to meditate. Let me tell you a little secret. When the Meditation is personalized, you tune right into your life and solution. There isn't any sound that will affect this. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have.

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