Thursday, July 14, 2016


Good Morning Everyone! I would like to share a very interesting story with you today. I received an email from a young lady. Her biggest problem is she can not get her painful thoughts of what occurred in her life out of her mind. My question to her was. When do these thoughts happen the most? I asked is it during work at night before bed..? or does something trigger them. This is fascinating. She replied that she is at her worst moments when she is around her friends. Now wait! I asked her is this where she feels most comfortable speaking about what is troubling her?? She said no, they keep bringing it up and it makes her upset and saddened she feels as if she relives the pain over and over again. She said I just want to get past this and keep faith and get stronger. I love them but I don't want to discuss what was. What can I do?? we have set up a time to discuss what is going on with her surrounding. She knows this is up for discussion and she would like your input. please share your thoughts Have a good Day God Bless Amilia Powers you can reach me

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