Saturday, February 27, 2016

Good Evening Everyone!

I hope you are having a great weekend. I'm thinking about a very important subject about life.

At times we forget and have a hard time communicating with ourselves. The problem here is that we don't listen when our intuition tells us that a particular situation isn't right. We brush it off and begin living a much bigger problem. We are given these abilities to enable us not to enter into a bad situation. I'm the first to say I didn't listen to myself when I knew the warning signs were hitting me in the face. It became a time of hurt and dismay. While we are involved we try to compensate and make things better and by doing so, we lose who we are to another person. We forget our value, we can not sell ourselves short and settle for less than what we are worth. The biggest problem here and I believe you will all agree is that we begin to separate from life and forget how to live because of these elements, we become an existing being in a part of our lives that doesn't deserve our energy. Life is precious and we need to live in it and breathe it's freshness. Love is instilled in all of us. We will always have the willingness to love. Choice is ours to make that change and learn what will not be tolerated. This way of life is not an option.

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