Saturday, October 17, 2020

3 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

Who Are You Dating?

You are here because you are noticing behavior that you never witnessed before. A twist in your emotions, and a sudden uncertainty where his mood and comments are coming from. You've given him a pass for his uncomfortable attitude and unkindness once, but doing so it's become worse, and you need an explanation. 

Your beginning to wonder if it could be something happening at his job. You might be even questioning yourself if you are doing something wrong?

Let me reassure you that you are perfectly fine. Trust me, It isn't you.

1.  Jealousy of you having more people in your life than they do.

The attitude and resentment, that you are noticing, that change of mood swings he has, all stems from the need a narcissist has to want to be the center of your world. He doesn't have the relationships you do. You have connections on a deeper level than he does. The only thing he has is you.

He will express his feelings by lashing out and make it uncomfortable for you to go out and enjoy yourself with the ones you love. The guilt trip he places in your lap becomes very heavy and It creates an emotion of unhappiness, and you begin to feel that it is wrong to hurt his feelings. 

This is bounding you to him on emotion. Nothing should matter more. He Thinks he is enough to make you complete. 

You must look into his life, before getting deeper involved with him. 

Who are his friends? Who is his family? Does he have any friends? 

2.  Overwhelming you with gifts and surprises

Every girl loves getting gifts. Who wouldn't? The twist behind a Narcissist's overwhelming you with love at first sight. Is to get you exactly where they want you. They have your undivided attention, and you are being swept off your feet without knowing what is happening to you. Be aware of this. The mistake that happens is that we get so caught up in the moment that we put blinders on and can't see the entire picture of what is truly going on

This is a recipe for disaster. Once the relationship moves into an exclusive one, then it becomes toxic almost immediately. The criticism start. He begins to devalue you. You begin to question your self-worth and the type of person you are, and begin to believe what he is saying to you is true.

Notice the obvious. He isn't giving you much attention anymore. There aren't any more flowers or gifts. Small talk now demands. 

You must be aware of the sudden changes in his personality. If he is angry a lot and tends not to be happy about anything. There is always a problem or dispute. 

3.  You are being harassed daily

There is nothing more degrading than to have the person you love tell you they don't like anything you do. From what you wear, to the food you cook or the shows you watch. 

Picking at the way you look. As a female, we love to hear words such as, "you look beautiful," "I love your smile," "you have great taste."

Unfortunately, with a narcissist, there will only be put-downs and insults to make you feel powerless and defeated. Their goal is to capture your emotions and have you desperately trying to have their approval, which leaves you in a place of despair. 

If you find yourself within these 3 Signs, it is time to reevaluate going further in this relationship. Always remember, your happiness comes first. No one has a right to treat you with disrespect or unkindness. 

Your love should never shadow what is going on in your life at this present time. You have complete control, don't let anyone or yourself tell you differently. There is no room for excuses. 

Happiness and joy are apart of sharing. Always be honest with yourself. If you are not excited about your life and are treated in a way that drains your spirit, please make that change. Love is such a precious gift from God. No one has the right to take it.

Having love in our lives is amazing, but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and has her voice, please remember that.

Reach out, take the first step. Your life deserves it. 

Be Blessed

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