Wednesday, February 26, 2020

When Pain is Heavy? Narcissistic Relationship

Have you ever paused to consider how painful it sounds when you describe your relationship?

That one day when you wake up that reminds you of the pain that is still obvious. The tears that roll down your face, and the uneasy feeling in your stomach that aches so bad. Your life is being overwhelmed, and you're lying there numb. You don't want to start your day. You want to go back to bed, close your eyes, and have a dream that takes you far away from all this pain, of the reality you are living. 

All that is running through your mind is that you wish the hurt you're feeling will go away. The pain has absorbed all your day, and sleepless nights. You wish it was a bad dream and all of this will go away when you opened your eyes. Questions come up, what have I done wrong? What should I have done differently? You go on and on, day after day, playing tug of war with your heart. 

You know you must shake it off,  and find the strength and power to begin your day. You're praying to forgive him but deep down inside all you feel is a dislike for the monster who has caused your days to start in darkness. You keep praying and hoping for the burden that you hold in your heart will be released. 

You're tired of the reminders. Everywhere you go; the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, even the lipstick he thought looked amazing on you. This emptiness that you're feeling is turned on no matter what you do. You don't want to feel broken anymore. You wish it was a bad dream and all of this will go away.

You walk through your day watching people intermingle with each other, laughing, and talking about events coming up in their lives. They are excited and joyous about life. You are happy for them, but at the same time, you do what you can to avoid those conversations. You feel so disconnected from your present life. You refuse to cause yourself more agony with memories that you hold so dear. 

Our emotions run wild during pain. Our body goes through a great ordeal. One minute your OK and the next your in tears. Then you have days you take out your frustrations on everyone and everything. This is all normal. Your feelings are coming to the surface that you have suppressed for many days, months, and years. 

When the time is right you will be able to apologize to everyone who has taken the brunt of your pain. Please do not forget to apologize to yourself. Know that this is not your fault. Understand that hurt, mistreatment, and abuse doesn't deserve a place in your life. You have no room for this. 

Remember you are stronger than you know, you are reading this, aren't you?  You believe in you, and what you stand for. You know you have a lot of Love, Joy, and Faith to share with the world and one man doesn't have the power to control this, he can't dictate the rest of your life. 

The cost of staying in a relationship without value becomes a lonely place. When is the last time you laughed so hard where those stomach pains were joyous? 

You are a valuable woman that deserves to be treated with a kind voice, and love with the utmost respect. 

Love is amazing. We all know how this feels but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. 

There is nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy, smiling, and has her voice. You will find yourself attracting the same type of kindness. I'm thankful and grateful every day for the good times and for the bad times. It brought me to where I'm today.

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I have created a series of four (4) Meditations, that can help you through this situation, these were my prayers turned into meditations.

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